Collaborate with design professionals to fully customize your area when you purchase a Thornton Creek lot. Many of these are larger lots, allowing a certain amount of square footage of fully covered architecture and a separate square footage of covered deck space without full walls.

With your Casita (little house), you can put in a full kitchen, bathroom, living room, and outfit it just the way you want it. Casitas at Thornton Creek Resort have the largest screened-in living area at any luxury motorcoach resort in southwest Florida.

Lots at Thornton Creek spread around six lakes and are much larger than other motorcoach developments, ranging from approximately 7,200 to 19,500 square feet. In fact, the smallest lot at Thornton Creek is larger than what most other developments would describe as big!

Options to site development include:

  • Casitas of 300 interior square feet (cooled space) with up to 1000 square foot roof line which can give you up to 700 square feet of screened living
  • 12 designated lots will allow a home of up to 750 square feet under air with 1000 square foot roof line
  • Pavers with option of outdoor kitchens, a fireplace and more


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