Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of coach do I need to become an owner at Thornton Creek Motorcoach Resort?
Class A Motorcoach of at least 34’ in length and not more than 12 years old at time of purchase. All Coaches must have current State inspection and remain road worthy at all times.

Will I own and can I resell my lot?
Yes, you will have a fee simple deed and can resell your lot.

Can I build a coach house on my lot?
Yes you may build an approved coach house.

How large can I build my coach house?
You may build up to 300 square feet on heated/cooled indoors and you can add up to 700 square feet of porch to allow for screened outdoor living. There will also be 12 lots available that allow up to 750 square feet of indoor space.

Can I rent out my lot when I am not using it?
Yes, you may rent your lot to anyone who meets the standards as stated in the homeowners association.

Will I need to maintain my own lot?
No, all maintenance including the surrounds of your lot, and all common areas, will be included in your homeowners association fee.

Are pets allowed?
Yes, common courtesy requirements are in the homeowner’s association document.

Can I add an outdoor kitchen to my lot?
Yes, improvements may be made to your lot with approval of the architectural committee.

Complete copy of covenants and restrictions is available upon request

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